5 Reasons to Visit Amsterdam this Summer

Amsterdam is a city to visit in all seasons, but in the summer the capital is more alive than ever! It stays light outside until late, streets are filled with people and everybody is in a good mood, because of the weather: it’s just one big party all season long. Still not convinced whether you should visit the beautiful city during the summer time? We’ve come up with some reasons that should definitely make your decision easier. Check them out!

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Amsterdam Party Guide: 4 Things Party Lovers Can’t Miss

Amsterdam’s party scene is a diverse one, so there will definitely be something that suits your taste. It doesn’t matter whether you like chilled vibes or if your life motto is “go hard or go home”: Amsterdam has it! We’ve come up with a party guide, because it can be hard figuring out what to do when the night falls while you’re on foreign turf, as you don’t know the scene and what to expect of it. Of course, partying in the Flying Pig hostel bar is always a good idea, but if you want to explore the Amsterdam party scene: we’ve listed what to do and where to go.

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Affordable Yoga Classes in Amsterdam For Backpackers

Health and wellness in Amsterdam is a big thing, which for the yogis amongst you will be music to your ears. There are some incredible yoga classes in Amsterdam that are ideal for backpackers looking for some time to stretch, strengthen or sometimes to simply switch off while on the road. We’ve put together a list of the best yoga studios in Amsterdam that are actually really affordable, but if you know your stuff and your mat is on hand, an early morning session in Vondelpark is just as satisfying. Read on to find out the best affordable places to get your yoga fix in Amsterdam.

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4 Reasons to go to the Music On Festival in Amsterdam

Ladies and gentlemen, the countdown has begun! On the weekend of May 11 it’s finally happening: Music On Festival comes to Amsterdam. The famous festival has taken over Ibiza for many years and now is going to flip Amsterdam upside down for the weekend. Are you still doubting on whether you should go to this spectacular musical happening? No worries, we’ve rounded up a list of 4 reasons to go to Music On Festival! So read through it and decide quick, because the final round of tickets are on sale, for now.

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