Top Things to Do in Amsterdam in December

Got plans to visit Amsterdam this December? Well you’re not gonna be strapped for things to do cos when the Christmas season hits this city, it means your itinerary is gonna be jam-packed. Have a go at ice-skating with an epic backdrop, check out the incredible Amsterdam Light Festival and mooch the markets for festive Dutch food and souvenirs. Check out these awesome things to do in Amsterdam in December to see off your 2018 travels the best way possible…

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Where to find the best Pancakes in Amsterdam

You can’t come to Amsterdam and not try some delicious Dutch pancakes. This much-loved snack is thin pancake (sweet or savoury) with a little bit of crispiness and melt-in-the-mouth toppings. Most of the pancake shops in the Dutch capital also sell the famous Dutch sweet treat, Poffertjes, another type of pancake but smaller and puffy - don’t forget to try these too on your trip We’ve rounded up the best pancake shops in Amsterdam so you can get your fix…

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A Backpacker’s Guide on How to do Amsterdam Like a Local

Every backpacker understands how important it is to get a true local experience when visiting a new city. We want to eat where the locals eat, hangout where the locals hang out and visit the authentic non-touristy places that non-tourists go. Already done all the mainstream stuff in Amsterdam? Want to avoid the tourist traps and stay off-the-beaten track? We’re here to help you get a real local experience of the Dutch capital. Just follow our tips and you’ll get a proper feel for Amsterdam rather than just the main sights and attractions your guide book led you to…

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8 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Amsterdam

We all already know that Amsterdam is awesome, but there are tons of pretty mind blowing facts about the city that we’re sure you never knew about before. Next time you visit, keep these unbelievable facts about Amsterdam on your mind to show off to other travellers or even help plan your itinerary. From how to get a free lift, to eating with locals and getting the low-down from retired sex workers, Amsterdam’s secrets and hidden gems could make your trip even more insane. Get a load of these…

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