6 Best Cheap Eats in Amsterdam

Travelling on a budget in Amsterdam and wanna know where to fill up on the city’s tastiest food that won’t break the bank? Amsterdam has a decent dining scene, however not everywhere serves up delicious AND affordable food in the city unless you know where to look. From traditional bites to big, juicy burgers, if you’re after affordable places to eat in Amsterdam then we’re here for ya for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Treat your tastebuds and check out these cheap eats in Amsterdam next time you’re out exploring our hometown.

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7 Coolest Coffeeshops in Amsterdam to Smoke In

Want to test out some of Amsterdam’s best coffee shops? Well, the city is packed with hundreds of them. Cannabis was legalised in the Dutch capital in 1980 and since then, the city has become famous for its smoking culture and countless quirky coffeeshops. Smoking a joint at least once while visiting the city has become a tourist must-do. With so much choice around the city, we’ve rounded up the coolest coffeeshops in Amsterdam…

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17 Best Photo Spots in Amsterdam

You might think we’re biased, but it’s true that Amsterdam is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. The glistening canals, tall, gabled buildings and colourful flowers are just a few of the things you can’t not photograph on a visit to the Dutch city. But when it comes to scoping out both the more generic and underrated Instagrammable spots in Amsterdam, we know the places that’ll be sure to rake in the likes. Grab your camera, book your flight ASAP and check out these 17 best photo spots in Amsterdam to really get you pumped for your next trip to our favourite city!

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The Ultimate Amsterdam Bucket List for Backpackers 2019

Are you a regular visitor of Amsterdam? Or perhaps you’re planning your first ever trip to the Dutch capital. Either way, there are some unmissable things to do in the city that you simply must tick off your travel bucket list in 2019. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest things to do in Amsterdam including off-the-beaten track activities and underrated sights and attractions. Plus, more daring things to make you step out of your comfort zone in 2019. How many of these awesome things to do in Amsterdam can you tick off?

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