Where to Get the Best Views in Amsterdam

Want to find the best views in Amsterdam? Well, it’s not as easy as you may think. Since the Dutch capital is mainly flat it can be tricky to find a viewpoint high enough for awesome panoramic views (unless you’re in the know). To help you guys out, we’ve rounded up 5 of the city’s coolest spots to get the best views in Amsterdam. From rooftop bars, sky high swings and museum restaurants, here’s where to get the best views while in ‘Dam…

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Most Underrated Things to do in Amsterdam

Already been to Amsterdam and ticked off all the main sights and attractions? Well, you should seriously consider going back ASAP. There are so many underrated things to do in the city to give you a more local experience. We’ve rounded up some cool things to do that everyone visiting Amsterdam should consider doing; it will make your trip even better and way more authentic. Here are the most underrated things to do in the city…

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Why You Should Visit Amsterdam in the Off Season

There is no wrong time to visit Amsterdam. The Dutch capital is awesome all year round - however if you head to the city during the off season, there are some pretty cool benefits that might sway you to experience the city throughout winter. Amsterdam becomes more relaxed in the off season when the summer crowds disappear and touring the city’s best sights and attractions becomes less of a hassle. Just remember to wrap up warm…

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How to be Environmentally Friendly on the Road

Sustainable travel is the way forward. Sometimes when we’re travelling the world, it’s easy to forget the impact we have on our planet. We’re all guilty of this; but it’s never too late to start adopting more sustainable travel habits no matter how big or small the efforts. Since the planet needs our help more than ever, why not try and reduce your carbon footprint on your adventures? To do your bit for the planet, learn a few easy ways to be environmentally friendly on the road. We’ve rounded up 7 easy ways so you can get started…

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