Shrimp tacos

Best Mexican Restaurants in Amsterdam

Fully-loaded nachos, crunchy tacos, giant burrito rolls, cheesy quesadillas… Is there anything more satisfying than getting stuck into a messy Mexican meal? Amsterdam isn’t short of Mexican restaurants which will really hit the spot, even for those that’ve been across the pond for a taste of the real stuff. Not to worry if you’ve got a taco craving in Amsterdam, Mexican restaurants are all around the city ready to fill you up on spicy chicken and guacamole. Hungry yet? Read on for the best Mexican restaurants in Amsterdam…

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Thrift shops Amsterdam

7 Best Thrift Shops and Vintage Stores in Amsterdam

Calling all sustainable shoppers! Looking for the best thrift shops in Amsterdam? We love buying second-hand here at the Flying Pig because it’s an environmentally friendly, it supports local businesses and you can always find a bargain on clothing that’s more unique or vintage. Amsterdam has a load of fantastic thrift shops but some are cut above the rest where you are guaranteed to end up spending longer than you wanted inside once you see the awesome second-hand stock selection. If you’re on a budget, love fashion and are always looking for a good deal, then these are our favourite thrift shops in the city…

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9 Reasons Why You’ll Never Get Bored of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the kind of city you’ll never get bored of. With countless museums, free things to do, beautiful parks, cosy Dutch pubs and awesome nightlife, it’s the kind of place you can visit over and over again and each time you do, you’ll find a new favourite place. We’ve rounded up some of the best things about the compact city that keeps our Flying Pig customers returning. Whether you’re a party animal, a culture vulture, a keen cyclist or just a backpacker on a budget looking for a cheap city break, here are 9 reasons you’ll never get bored of Amsterdam…

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Waiting at a train station with a travel backpack

10 Backpacking Tips You Can’t Travel Without

When you’re planning your first time backpacking, it’s totally normal to feel pretty clueless. But once you’ve got the right backpack and have an idea of where you want to go and who with, you’ve nailed down the basis. Then it’s time to really get prepped for the adventure of your life. Here at the Flying Pig, travel is what we know and love best. Our travel know-it-alls have come up with a list of simple backpacking tips that’ll help make your trip the best time of your life.

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