5 Reasons Why You Should Get An iAmsterdam City Card

Wondering what you can do with an iAmsterdam city card? When visiting Amsterdam you should definitely consider purchasing the City Card. Not only will the card make travelling around the city easier and stress-free, you’ll also gain access to countless museums and attractions for free or at a discounted price. As a backpacker you’ll save a load of money during your trip whether you need a pass for 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, 96 hours or even 120 hours. Factor you card into your travel budget for you Amsterdam trip and you won’t regret it.

WATCH: Here’s how to do 48 Hours in Amsterdam using the iAmsterdam card


24 hours - £60 48 hours - £80 72 hours - £93 96 hours - £105 120 hours - £115 See any changes to prices online

Here are 5 reasons why you should get an iAmsterdam City Card for your trip to the Dutch capital and how you can use it…

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A Guide to Amsterdam's Red Light District

The majority of people visiting Amsterdam have heard about the Red Light District: a promiscious area knowon for public prostitution. This is true, but there is so much more to it than just some sex workers behind red lights. Did you know that De Wallen, which is the Red Light District in Dutch, is the oldest part of the city? In the 60’s it became illegal to offer such services in the streets, but sitting behind a window was tolerated. The workers made it clear to men that they were available by burning a red light. Until this day, these lights are still used and that’s where it got its name the Red Light District from. In this article we’ve listed top thing to do, what to be wary of and some tips for a visit this popular attraction.

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Canal view of Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam if You Don’t Smoke Weed

Weed might be legal in Amsterdam, but this doesn’t mean it’s got to be done. There’s way more things to do in Amsterdam other than smoking weed in a coffeeshop. The city is packed full of history with a truly unique culture, not to mention the canalside pubs, beach bars and cafes are some of the best in Europe. Here are the best things to do in Amsterdam if you don't smoke weed.

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Loveland Festival Amsterdam

Why You Should Go to Loveland Festival 2019 in Amsterdam

We all know Amsterdam festivals are some of Europe’s best, and Loveland Festival is one of the city’s hot topics every summer - this year’s no exception. Loveland is making its way back to Sloterpark for 10th and 11th August to put on an electronic music festival like no other. Managed to bag yourself a ticket yet? No? Here are 5 reasons why you should be getting yourself over to Sloterpark this August for Loveland Festival in Amsterdam. 2019 is Loveland’s 15th year in the business, making it its crystal anniversary - definitely one to be celebrated. So you can count on this year being bigger than ever! Think you’re swayed already? Get onto their website ASAP as tickets are selling fast.

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