top 7 tours

The Top 7 Coolest Tours to do in Amsterdam | Travel Blog | The Flying Pig

There’s so much to see and do in Amsterdam. If you need some help navigating the bustling city, take these top 7 tours with a difference… Don’t forget to reserve your spot in advance!

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top 6 cameras

The 6 Best Travel Cameras of 2017 | Travel Blog | The Flying Pig

These days, smartphone cameras are just as good as your standard compact camera - so we’ve decided to stick to cameras that bit more hi-tech: DLSR’s, camera’s with cool features and a wide lens range. Here’s our pick of the top 6 cameras of 2017 with something to suit anyone, whether you’re a beginner or pro…

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which city quiz

Quiz: Which European City Should You Live In? | Travel Blog | The Flying Pig

Some of us dream of packing up and go, moving to an unknown city and starting a whole new life. Living abroad is a big step for anyone, so it's important that the location ticks all the right boxes. Has the big city always been your calling, or perhaps an ocean view is up your street (pardon the pun). Take our quiz and find out which European city to make your home…

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top 9 blogs

The Top 9 Amsterdam Blogs | Travel Blog | The Flying Pig

Amsterdam boasts a fairytale landscape equipped with museums, marijuana, tulips and cheese. If you’re planning a trip to the seductive city, you’ll want to have a rough idea of what to do while you’re there. And where better to get advice from than the locals. Yep, experts out on the field with knowledge of the best places to go and the best things to do (and what not to do). We’ve picked out the most helpful blogs to help you explore the city in the best way…

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