17 Best Photo Spots in Amsterdam

You might think we’re biased, but it’s true that Amsterdam is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. The glistening canals, tall, gabled buildings and colourful flowers are just a few of the things you can’t not photograph on a visit to the Dutch city. But when it comes to scoping out both the more generic and underrated Instagrammable spots in Amsterdam, we know the places that’ll be sure to rake in the likes. Grab your camera, book your flight ASAP and check out these 17 best photo spots in Amsterdam to really get you pumped for your next trip to our favourite city!

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Damrak narrow houses

You can’t miss the most iconic photo opportunity in Amsterdam when you’re in the city. The narrow houses of Damrak are world famous, and make the ideal Instagram whether it’s day or night. Just stroll down the road from Centraal station, look to the canal and there you have it.


Walk around the popular Jordaan neighbourhood of Amsterdam and you’ll discover some of the city’s most sought after photo spots. The canals bloom in the warmer months and the building facades and cobbled streets lend themselves perfectly to be photographed.


Step into the most colourful corner of Amsterdam and the only ‘floating’ flower market in the world, Bloemenmarkt. Flowers of all sorts cover the place from top to bottom - you won’t be able to resist getting a picture surrounded by them.

Prinsengracht Canal

Don’t leave the city without capturing the iconic image of a bike perched on a bridge over Prinsengracht Canal. Lined with canal boats with the Westerkerk clock tower in the distance, it’s the photo all your friends back home will be waiting for!


Vondelpark is the most famous of Amsterdam’s green spaces, and the city’s local hangout during the summer. Use the colder, less busy months as an opportunity to get your camera out and capture the park in all its glory. The park is also a great place for bird lovers to visit, being home to loads of different species that are always up for a photoshoot.

Stroopwafels from Van Wonderen

Stroopwafels are a quintessentially Dutch sweet treat that are sold all over Amsterdam, but some of the very best, most Insta-worthy are from Van Wonderen on the busy Kalverstraat. Order a stroopwafel that’s dunked and topped with whatever you like, and take it somewhere pretty (not difficult with all the nearby options) for the perfect backdrop.

A’Dam Lookout view

For the best panoramic views of Amsterdam, the A’Dam Lookout is the place to go. Go up to the Lookout bar during the day or at night and order a drink while you take in the view. Then head up yet another level for real rooftop views over the entire city from Amsterdam North.

A’Dam Lookout Swing

Pay just €5 extra on your way up the A’Dam Lookout to get your thrills on the highest swing in Europe. You’ll be swung off the edge of the very top of the building, getting the best views in the whole of the city!

The Red Light District at night

The red lights bouncing off the water in the Red Light District are just asking to be photographed.

De Pijp

De Pijp itself is a neighbourhood that’s seriously photogenic, but the Wall Gallery saying ‘Wake Me Up When I’m Famous’ is too good to pass up a photo with. We love the way these guys have posed with it!

Poffertjes from De Vier Pilaren

When in Amsterdam, you’ve gotta get a taste of some proper Dutch poffertjes, and the ones at De Vier Pilaren are quite literally to die for. Order the strawberries and whipped cream for the ultimate foodie Instagram pic.

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Sex Museum

Do we really need to explain this one? When in Amsterdam…

NDSM Wharf graffiti

Head over the IJ river to NDSM Wharf where you’ll find photo opportunities everywhere you look. The graffiti in this neck of the woods is insane, covering almost every wall you can see.


Another photo spot in the NDSM area, Pllek is a restaurant/bar that’s made entirely out of old shipping containers making a pretty cool photo. Once you step inside, you could easily forget what you’re actually sitting in! From the man made beach outside, you’ll get awesome views over the IJ river - we recommend heading over for a cold one during sunset for that picture-perfect moment.


In English, Zevenlandenhuizen translates as the Houses of Seven Countries, which is why the architecture down this street is so different to anywhere else in Amsterdam. As the name suggests, there are only seven houses down the street that are made special by the fact that each building’s style was inspired by different countries in Europe. They’re all perfectly Instagrammable, but this one is our favourite.

Amsterdam Botanical Gardens

The vibrant green colours in Amsterdam’s Hortus Botanical Gardens makes putting your camera away pretty much impossible. Did you know that Amsterdam’s botanical garden is one of the oldest in the world? With more than 6000 different plants now growing there, it’s fair to say the photo opportunities are endless.

Molen Van Sloten

Get a real traditional feel for Amsterdam by heading over to the Molen Van Sloten. It might not be a golden oldie as it was only built in 1991, but it’s still seriously impressive, especially when a bright blue sky is bringing out the best of it.

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Article by Darcy King

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