The Uptown
uptownNext to the famous Vondel park and the Leidseplein, the square where it all happens ...
The Downtown
DowntownIn the middle of a shopping street around the corner of the Red Light District and the Central station...
Noordwijk Hostel
beachLocated right next to one of Holland’s beautiful beaches. There’s nothing that can beat...

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Things to do
There are lots of things to do in Amsterdam just check out some of the highlights we selected for you. When you are amsterdone you might want to go to Noordwijk which has a lot to offer on....

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Getting around in Amsterdam

Trams, buses & metros go all over the city, run frequently and stop running around midnight. Don’t worry about getting home after more than a few beers though, because night buses run all week throughout the night. On the map we give you with check-in you will find all tram lines and tram stops. If you need more information about the public transport in the city, check this website:


Getting around in Amsterdam on a bus or tram

strippenkaart1 Hour tickets (€2,70) can be bought from the driver, but if you are planning to use public transportation a lot you can also buy a 24 hour card (€7,50). For a 48 hour of more hour card you can buy them at GVB Tickets & Info points.


Getting around in Amsterdam in a taxi

As everywhere else in the world, they’re expensive at €2, - per km and €0,32 per minute, but quick & convenient if you have the cash. Catch one from various locations around the city or call
+31 20 6777777 if you’re lazy.

A fun and eco-friendly alternative is the bike-taxi for €10,- per 15 minutes, and the drivers often have a great knowledge of the ins and outs of Amsterdam!


Getting around in Amsterdam on a bike

A visit to Amsterdam isn’t complete without giving a shot at riding a bike. Sometimes dangerous, but a quick, cheap and well… Dutch way to get around.

Bikes can be rented for about €10,- a day from several companies such as "Blackbike" or Macbike", which have rental-offices around the city.


Getting around in Amsterdam by boat

There are free ferries from behind Central Station going along the ‘IJ’ to the North of Amsterdam – fun to do!

Or you can hire a pedal boat for sightseeing from the canals...


Getting around in Amsterdam by car

We don’t recommend having a car in Amsterdam. Parking is very expensive, public transport brings you everywhere and everything is at walking distance.
If you are traveling by card, it’s better to park your car a little outside the center. The best and cheapest spot to park your car is the Olympic Stadium Parking (Olympisch Stadion 44). Ask for the special P + R rate of € 8, - (per 24h), which also includes 2 free tram tickets. Tram 16 takes you back to the Museumplein and Central Station.


Getting around in Amsterdam with the locals

Most Dutch people speak really good English (especially in Amsterdam) and usually they’re happy to help tourists find their way. Be careful with tourist shops, prices are, like in every city, much higher then for example the local shops, supermarkets. See the shopping section for recommendations.
Dutch Language (some handy stuff):

Yes / No   
- Jah / Nay
Thanks - Buhdanked
Hello - Hoy
Bye - Duoy
I want a beer - Dew mar un Biertjuh 
How much is it - Huvail cost daht?
What’s your name?  - Hu heit juh?
Do you have a lighter? - Heb juh un fuhrtjuh?
Want to smoke some? - Trackje?
Please piss off  - Flicker op
I need condoms - Eek heb kaputjuhs nowdik