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uptownNext to the famous Vondel park and the Leidseplein, the square where it all happens ...
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DowntownIn the middle of a shopping street around the corner of the Red Light District and the Central station...
Noordwijk Hostel
beachLocated right next to one of Holland’s beautiful beaches. There’s nothing that can beat...

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Honestly we looked for the cheapest stay, but also in the middle of the city center - definitely worth the extra couple bucks!!! It was close to everything and was wonderful - the included breakfast was a godsend! I found you on Hostelworld, and chose it on the map looking for something central :)

Jessica I.

Liked it so much I'm staying another 3 nights

Tim R.

Heard from friends it was a great place to stay so decided to check it out myself. It was my third time in Amsterdam and the best hostel and atmosphere yet! I will definitely be back :)

Kalyna F. Netherlands

Really conventiently located, close to the train station, nightlife, and other attractions. breakfast included is always a plus. staff were great and the security was excellent! I

Mehera L. Australia

I've stayed at both the downtown & uptown flying pigs b4 and wouldn't go anywhere else I love the chilled out vibes of both hostels, it's always full of easy going tourist and staff witch mates your stay more enjoyable.

Jayson O. United Kingdom

I have stayed at the Uptown and the Downtown hostels, & at both, the awesome staff are what makes these hostels the way that they are. Everytime I want to stay for sooooo much longer meeting so many great people from all over the world.. all in which have such great stories to tell. Love it!

Jonelle W. UK

Amazing fun for an incredible price, a friendly hostel full of friendly people and friendly staff. The website was very informative.

Joshua A. UK

Fun hostel with a great mix of atmosphere. Made our stay in Amsterdam one to remember. Thanks team!

Hugh T. United Kingdom

stayed before when younger and was even better this time around hopefully be back next year and probs be even better again

Joseph B. United Kingdom

Possibly another pool table as sometimes you have to wait a while to play.Was well run by such a great bunch of people. I wouldnt mind helping out!

Andrew J. UK

It was great! The location was awesome and the staff was very friendly. I loved that I was able to use it as a base when I was touring the city because it was so convenient a location. Really good for solo travelers if you want to meet other people to hang out with so you're not going out alone all the time. And again staff was amazing! So friendly and really helpful.

Katlyn S.

I had an amazing time here. This place is really clean, in a great location, and has a cool vibe. The bar and the smoking lounge are great for meeting other travelers. In fact, I probably spent more time in the hostel during my stay than actually exploring the city. The staff is extremely friendly and interesting. I couldnt recommend this place enough. Totally surpassed all expectations.

Tammy L.

We had a very enjoyable stay. Staff is very kind and helpful, location is just perfect and the athmosphere very friendly

Thibault L.

The smoke room at the back of the hostel is literally the most chilled out place on earth. Very good vibes.

Katie P. UK

I was recommended these hostels by multiple friends who had stayed in Amsterdam. I have also been recommended sister hostels in other cities (Prague and Berlin)

I had a really amazing time! The staff were particularly useful and seemed genuinely interested in ensuring all guests enjoyed their stay!!

Sam C. Australia

This was the best hostel I've ever stayed in. The staff and travelers were all very friendly and funny.

John M. US

Have now stayed at St. Christophers in Brugges, Paris and Amsterdam and Flying Pig is my favourite! The showers are exquisitely clean and in perfect condition, and the staff is awesome. The breakfast room could use a little remodelling/ better use of space for even 2 extra tables, so there's a spot for everyone to eat. Also, there's always someone sleeping, so adding some grease to the VERY squeaky room lockers would be great! We loved the fresh fruit and the outdoor garden and patio was great.

Tynan v W.

I was really surprised about the hostel, everything went perfect and the location couldn't be better. Breakfast is awesome, people are very kind and the energy of the Flying Pig is just great.

Guilherme P. Brazil

The website was well layed out, everything was clearly explained, and came highly recommended via internet reviews. For a first time European traveler, The Flying Pig Downtown was THE BEST hostel I could stay at. It was so fun meeting all the new people from other countries. The staff was amazing and were also great to chat with. I will 110% be staying at the Pig for next years adventure.

Scott C. USA

You have an excellent collection of staff, that know who they're dealing with, and accommodate fantastically.

Jack K.N. Uk

Loved the smoking room. Especially the community bong in there.

Breanna P. Canada

Staff were amazing and really helpful as always, the Scottish lady at reception & the guy who seemed to be the manager were both really helpful during my stay and attended to any of my needs with courtesy & efficiency! 5*****! Will keep coming back for as long as they will let me ! :)

Matthew F. UK

Hostel is really clean and staff are really nice and helpful. The bar is great. The rooms are designed really cool!

Ali P. Ireland

3rd floor room facing street was very quiet, and beds very comfortable. Smoking room well received, but should be larger for more socializing.

Steven P.

Awesome! I really fell in love with that hostel!

Matteo G. Italy

It is the best place to stay in Amsterdam, The staff is really really good and really helpful, I would really recommend to other people and I would like to come back soon....

Syed M.W. A. Austria

I've had already stayed at the dwtw hostel, so I knew what to expect. It's a great hostel, one of the best, where you can see clearly that they know how to manage the place and the people. Will surely stay again!

João M. Brazil

Friendly staff, clean rooms and a very warm and cozy environment. Love it! :)

Apoorv U. UK

Because this youth hostel offers many services for an interesting price. Then, there was a real fine atmosphere, we felt as if we were at home.

Lise D. France

Had a great stay. Staff were fantastic and the beds were very comfortable. Some of the showers on my floor didn't have working temperature dials but the staff were very helpful when I told them. Only thing that was a bit annoying was that the door to the smoking room is left open from about 10pm onwards, I assume to ventilate the room, but the smoke goes all the way up the staircase to each floor and into some of the rooms.

Luke C. Netherlands

I heard it was a great fun party hostel. I wasnt dissapointed :)

Mara D. Canada

Very enjoyable, relaxed, friendly happy staff and guests with great location for everything...

I have stayed here on several occasions, dating back to '98..... The Pig has changed over the years..... But never disappoints!!! .... I will be back!!!

Norman B. UK

I love this hostel, funny, safe and pretty clean. I have stayed there a long time ago, and loved that.

Lorena M. Brazil

Great place! Nice idea the smoking room. Keep it up like that!

Sofía P.

Everyone in the staff was very kind and considerate. The atmosphere was sensational.

Fernando P. Brazil

It was quite good. I was pretty impressed myself.

Aashish T. India

My stay was fun and very enjoyable, and breakfast was really good.

Christopher B. Canada

Hi, I fell in love with The Flying Pig. I have been staying in hostels for 30 years and TFP is by far the best I've ever stayed at. Everyone was very friendly and professional, not to mention beautiful,it has a great atmosphere, which I believe comes from the staff. I cannot say enough about the crew, definitely the unsung hero at the Pig. The best part for me is, now when I come to Amsterdam, which is about once a year, I have the best place to stay. Thank you.

Brent M. US

Expected more of a party atmosphere. Might have been just the crowd that weekend. Tad expensive without it, but breakfast and location were the best. Staff was very helpful.

Marta K US

The only problem was roommates. Snoring too loud, shouting during the night, etc. But it's not the fault of the hostel. All that was in charge of the staff was great

Ferran V. Spain

It was really good. Not too expensive, good breakfast, nice staff, clean rooms and bathrooms. Location is perfect and very central as well.

Denise v H. Germany

It was amazing, had such a good time , I definitely recomend , very good location and the staff always very helpful.

Pedro B. Brazil

Lovely place, cool people, had a great time :)

Jordan S.

One of the best hostels I have ever stayed. Loved the staff (everyone was very polite and helpfull), great breakfest and bedrooms. Very clean and in front of the beautiful Vondelpark. I will definitely come back!

Talissa T. M. Brazil

had a great time at the hostel and felt very welcome and comfortable. The staff were great and everyone i met was friendly and generous. I would definitely stay again!!

Mariel H. UK

Dear flying pig hostel staff, You have offered a great time in an excellent hostel, clean, nothing broken :P ;). thank you Vers much!

Johann H. Germany

I loved every minute of it, closest place you can be to feel like you are back in those good days, The Chelsea Hotel came to my mind as soon as I went into the smoking room and started chatting and sharing stories with almost everyone around, those stories are the best souvenir I take with me. I will be back for sure! Amazing experience, and also, special thanks to the one that put the music playlists, first time I got to actually listen what I like without even asking for it. Keep it up guys!

Valentina B. Germany

Had a really great time, everything was perfect, cheers guys. See you in the hopefully near future !

Ricky G. UK

My stay was good. First night I was on the bottom floor but for the rest of the stay I was on the forth floor so lots of stairs. I did not mind them though. The hostel offers free earplugs so if you had a roommate like mine who's snoring could shake a house you might need them. Otherwise I found it quite quiet.

Paige M. Canada

Had a great stay. All the staff were really friendly and welcoming. The smoking room could be improved as it is cramped and not all that comfy. But the Bar makes up for all of that!

Michael S. Australia

I really want to give you an advice how to improve your hostel but to be honest this is the best hostel I have visited all over the world so far. The only thing I dislike is the price - it is too much for people from poor country like mine. However this is a problem all over Amsterdam.

Plamen M.

Perfect stay, loved the hostel!

Anne M.S. Belgium

a very friendly and funny staff, as well as its customers.

Loris B. Italy

The bar until 3am. A VERY comfy bed. VERY friendly and helpful staff. Only 5 minutes walk from the Red Light District.

David L. UK

This was our first ever stay at a hostel, and I'm thoroughly impressed! My friend who has frequented many hostels was with us and said it was by far the best he'd stayed in!

Samantha P. UK

Flying Pig was awesome. Both the bar and smoking room had good social atmospheres. Staff was really friendly. Shoutout to Charly at the bar for being helpful and serving us drinks all night! Would definitely stay here again.

Adam D. Canada

Loved The Flying Pig! Friendly staff, decent rooms, good breakfast. Only awful part was all the stairs, which were rather backbreaking -- I couldn't understand why they didn't open up the door on the main floor to those with keycards to come in or out. If anyone has any mobility problems, it's impossible to stay here. Otherwise, really great!

Katie W. US

Loved the hostel, great atmosphere, the bar was awesome, lovely staff, good showers. My room seemed a little dirty, but it was ok.

Debora B.

Best hostel out of several we have stayed at in Europe. Awesome atmosphere. Great staff. Very safe, secure and clean. Comfy bed and a decent breakfast to start the day. Couldn't fault this place.

Shane B. New Zealand

I'm traveling alone and I looked online for a hostel that would frequent other travelers like myself. I made a few friends and had people to do things with during my stay. The place was recommended to me by a friend as well as was a top selection from hostel

Kirsten E. US

Brilliant, chilled out, friendly and warm, friendly staff, great smoking area, wouldn't stay anywhere else! Stayed once by chance, stayed 3 times since

Thomas H. Ireland

It was very great to stay in the hostel. Top located in the middle of the city. For a city trip perfect! :-)

Michaela W. Germany

Friends recomendation, also was there before. Nice clean place. Very friendly and helpfull staff. Great atmosphere :))

Sebastian J. Ireland

Staff was great, could have been a little cleaner but they kept up with 100s of partying people the best they could. Even with 32 beds rooms were quiet and got a good nights sleep. Beds are small though, I am not extremely talk but hung off both ends and could not sit up.

Andrew L. US

Absolutely amazing. Staff were so fun and friendly and made our group of 14 feel so welcome. Great bar too! 11/10!

Jodie S. UK

Awesome place! Everyone is really friendly and the atmosphere is great at all times! 5 minuet walk from the Centraal train station, ideal if you're travelling to parties / events.

Adam B.

excellent pour un séjour entre amis et nos coloc' super. équipe génial et superbe ambiance

Elodie B. France

I've never been to a hostel before this one so I can't really compare this to anything. The showers were much better than I expected and the general vibe was great.

Thomas R. UK

Always heard the flying pig hostels were the best and i know i can agree! Absolutely! Had a blast! Friendly staff and fellow travellers!!

Missy M.

AMAZING!!! Great WiFi, great breakfast, bunk beds are what we know they are. Fantastic pub crawl.

Nicholas P. Canada

Had great fun at the flying pig! Awesome bar! Mad smoking room and the dorms were really good aswell! Plus the location! Right next to vondel park.

Liam J. Australia

I know space is at a premium, but it would be nice to have a space to relax in other then bar or smokers area, but really that's only thing

Jacob M. Australia

Showers really good, toilets a bit too small. Not particularly sociable unless you are outside in the smoking area. Staff excellent, really helpful and friendly. Great location. We think the luggage lockers should be free.

Lucy D. UK

Stayed last time and if their is space won't stay anywhere else

Jed P. UK

Had a great weekend at this hostel! Good atmosphere and very easy to meet people especially in the smoking room. The location is fantastic right in the centre and only 5 mins from most things (train station, shops, coffee shops etc). Very clean and staff are friendly and helpful. Will stay here again!

John M. UK

I have frequented St Christopher's Inn in Borough, London for after work drinks on and off for 18 years now and wanted to see what the Pig was like; awesome frankly!

Anthony H. UK

Best couple of days ever, the people staying at the hostel and working there make it a lot of fun and enjoyable. definitely going to stay here when I come back in a couple of weeks again,

Theodore K. Australia

When searching for somewhere to stay I was looking for a 'party hostel' and this one seemed to have everything I needed for the weekend. The smoking room is a nice place to chill out and chat to people. Friends have also recommended this place to me. This was my first time staying in a hostel and being abroad by myself and definitely picked the right place to stay. All the staff were great and helpful. Managed to meet a good mix of people over the weekend and everyone had their own story about why they were there. Would highly recommend for anyone or even if your by yourself, as there are always people to chat to.

Iain M. United Kingdom

Of all the hostels I stayed at, this one was definitely the best. Great atmosphere, I felt safe, the staff was superb, and the rooms were really clean. I felt it was easy to meet others, and it was in an excellent location.

Caitlin L. US

Awesome place, staff are super friendly and the bar is a great place to meet people. Perfect size, so many great memories, would definitely stay again.

Lara S. Australia

VERY clean, room was surprisingly quiet for a party hostel, comfy beds & doonas. Really great experience!

Caroline O. Australia

Everyone recommends this hostel for Amsterdam visits, and for good reason. Incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff made for a very happy group of piggies!


Great security. The underbed cages made me feel happy ro leave my stuff all day even when sharing a room with 32 others.

Really awesome staff and the atmosphere was great day and night. The free breakfast was great and the bread was so soft and good! Really close to everything and a very cool clean place! 10/10

Stacey M. New Zealand

Had a great time nice vibe wicked city..

David C. UK

Really good, enjoyed the smoking room!!!

Leland G. UK

Really good! Will be back so keep a room free for next year maybe later this year:)!

Liam H. – Australia

atmosphere..... I get the opinion that the owners wanted to own/run a backpackers and not just a money making company...they actually care about travelling/backpacking

Andrew B. – uk

I had a great stay at the Flying Pig Downtown, really close to the tourist centre of the city, red light district etc, and the bar and smoking room made for a great atmosphere in which to meet people. You mat pay more than some other hostels in the area but you get what you pay for, (except on wkends, when everywhere in Amsterdam is insanely priced). also great kitchen facilities which is a must if you want to cook for yourself. Thanks for the great stay guys!

Jimmy C. – Australia

I have to say for a party-type hostel with a bar and smoking room this place is very well maintained. I was glad to see that the bathrooms and showers were clean on a daily basis. A few things that could be improved would be the locker that is under the beds happens to be incredibly squeaky and therefore has a tendency of waking everyone up when opened. The key cards sometimes stopped working, but the staff was readily available to give replacement key cards.

Ivan E. US

This hostel was the shit!!! Definitely coming back to stay here... Great vibes here and staff was super awesome!! Close to everything and the beds were super comfy which is always a nice bonus in a hostel!!

Katelyn K. – Canada

Wonderful hostel to meet other travelers, very clean, and super close to everything!

Rebecca G. – United States

It was the nicest place that I've ever stayed; all the staff and everyone staying there was just really lovely and fun!

Ashleigh J. – United Kingdom

Amsterdam waz a lot of fun, and a lot thanks to the Flying Pig! !

Daniel – Israel

It was great. Had no problems. THe beds were comfortable, and the linen was clean and smelled nice (like fabric softener).

Christopher L. – Ireland

Loved the hostel, great location and had a brilliant time. The bar offers some of the cheapest drinks around and the smoking room seals the deal.

Rhys W. – UK

It's one of the best youth hostel ever I stayed really fun and cleanness and kindness. If the wifi works in all the room I

Shota O

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