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Hostel comparison

Uptown Hostel
  • Rocking Uptown hostel bar
  • Cosy Dutch smoking room
  • Located in Leidseplein area
  • Clubs, concerts, bars, restaurants, coffeeshops
  • Vondelpark (famous park)
  • Museums
  • 20 minute walk to Red light district
  • Fashion district
Downtown Hostel
  • Downtown bar with pool table and dj’s
  • Located in Dam square area
  • Central Station, restaurants, coffeeshops
  • Shopping street
  • Anne Frank house
  • 5 minute walk to Red light district
Beach Hostel
  • Lively Bar with pool table
  • Smoker friendly
  • Top Music collection
  • Laid back Atmosphere
  • At the beach
  • Kitesurf & surf rental
  • Daytrips to Amsterdam, Leiden, Den Haag
The Hostels
For more than 12 years the Flying Pig Youth Hostels have offered cheap accommodation to travelers from all around the world.
The Flying Pig consists of 3 youth hostels, all of which are in the Netherlands. Two of our hostels are located in the middle of the Amsterdam city centre; the Downtown and Uptown Flying Pig. The Flying Pig Beach is located just a few steps away from the (famous kitesurfing) beach in a town called Noordwijk, only 30 minutes away from Amsterdam.
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The Flying Pig Youth Hostels also care about our planet; we do what we can to minimize the damage we cause to the environment. Accommodation and Information about Amsterdam Our Amsterdam and Noordwijk hostel accommodation mostly consist out of various sized dorms, although every hostel also has private rooms. The staff at the Flying Pig is formed by international and Dutch backpackers who are always ready to answer your questions or to just have a chat with you in the hostel bars! Besides accommodation in Amsterdam and in Noordwijk, we also have a lot of free stuff to offer you. Several free walking tours with inside information about Amsterdam are available through our staff or the internet; we provide a free Amsterdam City Guide and Amsterdam City Podscroll. To get an idea of the Amsterdam hostels, watch ‘Flying Pig; The Movie’. But there is much more; subscribe to our 6-weekly eZine to stay in touch with the hostels and Amsterdam, download the Amsterdam hostel directions on your mobile and so on… But most importantly: we are very much looking forward to see you at our accommodation in Amsterdam or at the beach!