The Uptown Hostel

Valentine's Day in Amsterdam

Valentine’s Day has turned into something weird over the ages, if you look at it now.  It came into existence through two guys, both called Valentine, (we know what you’re thinking, but they were probably not early fans of the good ol’ gay community that our city is so famous for), who died as Christian martyrs on the 14th of February a loooong time ago. Sort of different from the version we like, where this happy day in the middle of February represents the celebration of fertility, which makes a lot more sense to us ;-)

But whatever the history, it’s the one and only day of the year that’s associated with expressing love and romance to one another and there’s not escaping it, period. So there’s simply no excuse for forgetting it. So get some chocolate, flowers, a card or a Romantic weekend away in Amsterdam for your honey (preferably together), but do something!

And if you’re a happy single, we’ll happily be your Valentine during the party we throw at the bar!