The Uptown Hostel

Trees for Travel Donations

We did it again! Thanks to all you guys, with your fantastic green thoughts, and the wonderful Trees for Travel fund, we were able to plant nearly 10.000 trees with the money from the keycards you donated; That's about the size of 20 footbal fields full of trees and a step in the right direction, although the more the better!

We would all like to thank you very much for your contribution, and will continue to do our job of offering the best place to stay in Amsterdam, while also thinking about the environment whenever possible, and hope you will do the same Smiley.

Keep donating those keycards!

For those who don't know: when you stay at the Pig, you get a keycard to enter the hostel and your room. For this keycard, you pay a deposit of 1 euro. When you leave the Pig, you can either get your €1 back, you can take the card home as a souverir OR donate the card to Trees For Travel...hopefully many of you will keep on doing the last thing!