The Uptown Hostel

Upcoming parties at the Pig

At the Downtown Hostel bar there will be our regular DJ nights a few times a week!
Dj at the Pig Amsterdam

14th of February
Of course we can’t ignore Valentine’s Day on the 14th of
February, and both hostels will kick off the love, peace and
happiness with special activities, including of course generous amounts of beer, wine and other spirits.

Year of the Pig

18th of February
The Chinese have a weird sort of New Year compared to ours; they give each year an animal name and this time it will be…you guessed it, the year of the PIG!! This extremely special year will start on the 18th, so be ready to party the night before!

25th of February         
Our regular open mic night at the Uptown! Shake off your shame and entertain your fellow travelers!
pig parties in Amsterdam