The Uptown Hostel

New years Resolutions: The Pig Goes Green

We love offering the best place in Amsterdam for you guys to party or chill out, but sometimes we also think about the effects the Pig has on the little speck in the universe we call our planet earth. Of course we’re no doom-thinkers, but we just can’t ignore hurricanes such as Katrina, tsunamis, and melting icecaps and pretend nothing’s wrong. They are all likely or even proven to be the cause of one single thing: Global warming, which in turn is caused by the ever increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Now we believe all is not lost and intend to take action. And with us, we hope people around us will do the same! Us human beings aren’t strong enough to change anything (good or bad) quickly in the strong forces of the nature, but with patience and effort, we can make things happen. That’s why the Pig wants to do something; we make an effort!

We’ve started replacing normal light bulbs for energy saving ones, signed up for green energy, installed water saving showerheads and taps, and started separating the garbage we produce to minimize strain on the environment. And by donating your keycards to the Trees for Travel ( fund, nearly 10.000 trees have been planted already through your help!

But things aren’t finished yet, as we’re doing our best to qualify for an internationally recognized environmental quality label in the next few months. However, while it’s important for everyone to take action individually, it’s also important to create awareness in others. Now you won’t see angry looks if you don’t share our vision, and of course we’ll keep the beer flowing and throwing the best parties, but only if we all act together can we change things, and we hope you’ll at the very least appreciate our effort ;-)