The Uptown Hostel

'Trees for Travel Donations so far '

Plant a Tree with your Key! Just by donating your keycards, Trees For Travel & The Pig have planted nearly 10.000 trees in 2006 !! Thanks so much for your donation!
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Trees for Travel Donations so far

3 little Pigs

That's how we felt when a big storm (we know, us Dutchies are not used to anything..) made us stay at work since going home was too dangerous (lucky we have a bar in the hostels!).
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Carnival in the South of Holland

Normally Milen (the Manager of the Downtown) tries, of course, to keep you in the Pig. But for once, she's got a different suggestion for you, which is something you shouldn't miss...
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Single or a couple, it doesn’t matter in Amsterdam, because Valentine’s Day here in the city, but also at the Pig, is just another good reason to throw a party, yeehaaa!
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Linda's Column - A lot about very little

Ok Lin, we'll forgive you, writers blocks happen to the best (and read here how that turns into a funny story)!
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New Year Resolutions: The Pig goes Green!

We’ll never stop offering you the ultimate Amsterdam experience, but from now on, it’ll be with the environment in the back of our minds….
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Upcomming Parties at the Pig

Nights at the pig are never to be forgotten, and here’s what’s happening in the coming weeks…
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Upcoming parties Amsterdam
Quotes at the Beach

Quotes heard at the Beach Pig

Our favorite quote of this ezine is from random guests who stayed with us during New Years Eve...
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Do you remember this?

Check out if you are on one of those memorable pictures shot at the Beach Pig! ...
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