The Uptown Hostel

3 Little Pigs in Amsterdam

Thursday the 18th of January was a special day in the Netherlands, simply because the whole country was in the grip of a tremendous storm. Nothing like hurricane Katrina, but for a country where the weather is as average as it gets throughout the year, we at the Pig felt like the 3 little piggies trapped in their house, while the big bad wolf tried to blow it down.

While thankfully damage to the Pigs was limited to a shattered window and some garbage bins that suddenly got wings, other parts of Amsterdam weren’t so lucky. Uprooted trees, roofs and drainage pipes coming down, overturned trucks, crushed cars, a closed central train station, and a heroic public transport system that tried to keep running as good as possible while the rest of the city came to a near complete stop.

And while the wind was raging around us, most of the staff were stranded in the hostel, and decided to make the best of it. In true Piggy spirit one of the people from headoffice decided: “We’ve got beds and we’ve got beer”. A free round of drinks for everyone heralded yet another reason to stay in. We can’t wait for the next weather alarm and hope you’ll be there with us!