The Uptown Hostel
“Famous Dutch proverbs”

Proverb: Jij bent  een mieren neuker! 
Phonetically: Jay bent un meeren noiker!
Literally: You are an ant-fucker
Meaning: You are annoyingly precise

Proverb: Niks aan de hand
Phonetically: Nicks an duh hunt!
Literally:Nothing on the hand
Meaning: There’s nothing wrong

Proverb: Maak je niet dik
Phonetically: Maahk juh neet dick
Literally: Don’t get fat
Meaning: Don’t get upset about it

Proverb: Ik zie door de bomen het bos niet meer
Phonetically: Eek see door duh boamen hat bos neet mere
Literally: I can’t see the trees through the forest
Meaning: It’s really unclear to me

Proverb: Ikke, ikke en de rest kan stikken
Phonetically: Icke Icke, an duh rest cun sticken
Literally: Me, me and the rest can choke
Meaning: It’s all about me

Proverb: De aap komt uit de mouw
Phonetically: Duh ap commed oit duh mowe
Literally: The monkey comes out the sleeve
Meaning: To discover something

Proverb: Hij voert iets in zijn schild
Phonetically: Hai foord eets in zain skilled
Literally: Hij carries something in his shield
Meaning: He’s up to something

Proverb: Ik kies eieren voor mijn geld
Phonetically: Eek kees ayern for mayn gheld
Literally: I choose eggs for my money
Meaning: I accept to be satisfied with less

Proverb: Je kunt maar beter opzouten
Phonetically: Juh cunt mar baiter opsauten!
Literally: You’d do better to salt away
Meaning: You should get our of here, if you’re smart

Proverb: Kantje boord!
Phonetically: Cunt-juh bored
Literally: Edge of the ship
Meaning: That was too close