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Orangutan web dating

Orang Utans“Single male (red hair, long arms, interests include hanging in trees and grooming) seeks female for long-distance relationship and possibility of meeting up in future to help save species” 

As backpackers, we all know importance of staying in touch with home through the internet. Once again my home country surprised me with its inventiveness by taking staying in touch to a whole new cool level, not to mention pioneering awareness for endangered species:

Orang UtanA Dutch zoo (De Apenheul) is going to set up webcams for its orangutans, to help them form long distance relationships with potential mates in Indonesia. The Indonesian orangutans are kept in small cages to protect them from loggers and oil palm firms that threaten their habitat, preventing them from much needed interaction with others. So the next I’ll run into someone in a chatroom and think "what a baboon," I may actually be closer to the truth than I want to be :-)

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(for more information about ‘De Apenheul’, visit this website: