The Uptown Hostel

Bless the Indian summer!

With the good weather of the last two months the dunes around Noordwijk were pretty popular with beach piggies. Numerous nights, after the closing times of most of the pubs they tend to go out to the sand dunes and go nuts!

Robbie Plays at the DunesSo this is the long awaited “nova” Dunes Blog.....bit embarrassed, I didn't lead my guests & staff the right way to the Dunes. Must have been all that party Juice. “Goose” had to come find us, cos we lost track. All these damned dunes look the same. But with some help (from “Goose”) we found our hidden valley.
Some of my favorite local Dutchies had already set up fire with Van Helsing's couch (he's in Oz, so no need for it! next dune party we get into his bed!!!).  There was lots of drinking & smoking, Ez pretty much went out there to pass out, silly sleepy drunken girl! We jammed the night away with loc(o)al rob and were singing along old pirate songs.
Blessed is the bike path we recently noticed cos it makes getting home A LOT easier. (sometimes)