The Uptown Hostel

Scoring Dutch people 101

We all know the red light district offers paid services to those in need of some action, but for those of you who don’t feel like forking over 50 euros, here’s our guide to getting jiggy with the Dutch…all for free.

  • First things first: Make sure you’ve booked a private room or if you’re confident enough, talk your way into sleeping somewhere else…unfortunately no refunds…sorry ;-)
  • Be punctual…*very* punctual. We Dutch people have great time telling abilities, and expect people to be on time.
  • Over dinner show your appreciation of Dutch culture by lobbing as much mayonnaise or peanut sauce as possible on your fries, or swallow a herring without showing convulsions.
  • Going Dutch has another meaning in its originating country. In a restaurant, we pay just for ourselves, but in a bar when getting a drink, we get drinks for everyone! (or at least our friends) No joke, that’s what we do.
  • Try to make eye contact first with us and take initiative. We aren’t as direct as you may expect us to be when it comes to TLC and like to be chased.
  • Don’t be intimidated by us. We do indeed speak perfect English and have a good understanding of the world around us….heck, we probably know more about your country than you do yourself! Also, we can also be a little blunt in our way of saying things.