The Uptown Hostel

'Uptown party Calendar'
 Halloween and Day of the dead! 

Ok, it’s always a big party at the Pig, but this time it will have included a lot of extras just for you! And not just for guests, because we of the staff are looking forward to it too at this time of writing! Before actual Halloween day, we’ll have had a dinner buffet, pub crawl, trivia with lots of prizes to be won, a pumpkin carving session, scary movies and on the 31st of October we’ll have topped it off with a HUGE party with crazy, scary costumes and delicious drinks! The day after, 1st of November is the Mexican Day of the dead, and we’ll have killed our hangovers with super cheap tequila shots! There’s always something to be missed at the pig…a full report in our next issue.

Not Quite Full Moon Party
November 25th

Still getting over the metamorphosis from the actual full moon, everyone at the Flying Pig is going to be prepared to throw down and party. Prepare to be blown into another dancing dimension rivaled only by Koh Pangan. Dress-up, Dance-off, and drink until the sun rises as we mix some dangerously delicious concoctions served up all night as the almost full moon passes over head.