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Tuk Tuk’s in Amsterdam

Many people will agree that the busy Amsterdam traffic is dangerous enough already for the unsuspecting traveller.

If it isn’t one of the thousands of bikes cutting you short virtually everywhere, it’ll sure be a tram or taxi that make life in Amsterdam one where having an extra pair of eyes in the back of your head is a necessity.

Soon a new kid on the block will make matters even worse, although in return you’ll get a whole lot of fun and an affordable, quick way of getting around. Enter the tuk tuk. Already a widely used means of urban transport in South-East Asia, the Amsterdam-based TukTuk Company is poised to take over Dutch cities with original but slightly modified tuk tuks to comply with European safety and environmental standards.

Already operating in Zandvoort and Rotterdam, soon these cheap rides will enter competition with the expensive taxis in Amsterdam too. Let’s just hope that unlike many of their Asian colleagues, the drivers know their way around and stick to the traffic rules.