The Uptown Hostel

Sand Soccer at Sunset

Location: Ex-Lake Dune flat

Two teams of twelve led by the Beach Whapa's kicked off, the light shirts vs dark, at 9.30pm this past Friday night. Being one of the less lovely days we've had recently, dusk crept up quite quickly giving the lack of visibility an easy advantage to the darks. These stealth soccer ninjas stole the winning goal about half way through the 2nd half.

A smoke & spliff break (which turned into the end of sports for the day) was called & somehow national anthems started being thrown out. In turn we had a showcase of the Dutch, Irish, Eygptian, American, Canadian, French/Canadian, &  Australian national songs or anthems. It came down to the three rather out of tune Aussie Gals singing the chorus of the Land Down Under, against the solo soulful Irish Lad raising hairs with a small-county song of his Grandmothers! It doesn't need mentioning who came out victor in this national pride song-off.

Back at the Beach Hostel Bar the crew held the Post-Match Discussion, still debating dodgy goals whilst downing well-earned beers into the early morning....