The Uptown Hostel

Linda'sLowlands Festival

17th of August, mid-day. What? No car? Shit a leak in my air bed, NO! Almost done, let me just finish this… Stress at the Pig. The Uptown managers are going Lowlands! European festivals are worldly known for their mirage-world of music, alcohol, drugs and freedom. Lowlands is no exception. To us Dutch this festival also embodies our ceremonial farewell to summer. A yearly ritual we could not effort to miss. Destination; Biddinghuizen.

We get the company van, the general manager’s gas burner and my air bed turned sleeping mat. By noon the next day the Pig motor is running and our trip has officially begun. In Biddinghuizen we find the sun shining, a full car park and us having too much shit to carry! Nonetheless we join our fellow lowlanders and brotherly stumble to the campsites.

3 hours later(!) our borrowed tents and party tent are up. We slowly make our way to the festival grounds. The first beer is a bit uneasy as our minds try to make sense of it all. Our second is consumed wondering around and checking out the line-up program. By the fifth round we have forgotten our daily manager responsibilities as our eyes twinkle from rebelliousness. Around the tenth beer our arms are up in the air, our roars are carried through the crowds and our legs just can’t stop moving. Lowlands has taken over!

The early morning walk back to the campsite is killing. In the morning our brought with picnic table turns out a hang-up balcony table. Since we are missing a balcony the first outdoor breakfast is covered in grass. The smell of our freshly made coffee attracts the neighbours. In return they McGyver our balcony table back into a picnic one with bottles and duck tape. After a campsite shower and a waiting in line pee we are back in the crowds.

The sunny afternoon is filled with hang-over food and beers. The warm evening puts our hands and howls back into the lowlands air. We spent the night with home brought whiskey and bummed rollies at the tent.

Sunday morning. It’s pissing down rain. Hurrah to our party tent! We sit out the rain with another round of fresh coffee and five males who turn out to be ridiculously creative with duck tape! Our afternoon consists of slipping and sliding from gig to gig. The grounds are now one big mudd pool full of wrestling and bare feeted crowds. The ultimate final to a fantastic weekend!

Finally we slip the van back onto the highway and my passengers make sure I stay awake. During our goodbyes the radio plays a lowlands song and suddenly our arms are back into the air. We finish our weekend right there with a last dance on the side of a city road…