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Blended on the Beach

De Jordaan

What is sum sum summertime without the feeling of sand between your toes, beautiful sunsets and great beach parties?

Noordwijk is becoming more and more popular as a trendy beach destination, and there were numerous beach parties scheduled for the 2006 season.

De Jordaan‘Blended on the Beach’ was the biggest dance event right on the beach of Noordwijk. Imagine a tropical evening, 35000 beautiful scantily clad people gathered on the beach, bare feet in the cool sand, the sound of waves breaking in the background and the sound system spreading the dance music around the whole area. People are happy, there is a good vibe in the air; The perfect ingredients for a memorable night.

Scattered around the dance floor there are platforms where beach goers show off their extravaganza. The orange and yellow lights illuminating the dance floor blend in perfectly with the explosion of colour from the actual sunset above the ocean.

Of course Noordwijk would not be Noordwijk if we wouldn’t have International DJ’s spinning their beats into memories; they elevated the crowd and the evening to a higher level with their uplifting beach-style house music.

Blended on the Beach was a big success this year, so if you weren’t there make sure you’ll be around next year.
Cause beach parties at the Noordwijk Beach are legendary!!!!!!