The Uptown Hostel

'Around the World' Party Calendar Uptown

Jamaican Night - Saturday, September 9th
Getting to our Caribbean roots of rum, reggae, and reefer, the flying pig is throwing the biggest rasta party this side of the Atlantic. Bring your dreadlocks, and wear all the red, yellow, and green you can find because we'll be serving you the finest rum Cocktails all night. Enjoy Cuba libré's, and rum punch when the only thing better than the drinks are the prices. Although the weather isn't hot this party will be.

Mexican Night - Thursday, September 21st
Saddle up your burrow and ride over to the Flying Pig uptown, Sombrero in hand, when we celebrate all things Mexican. Craziness prevails on this night as we indulge in the mayhem only Tequila can provide. Just remember that what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico while you cast your inhibitions aside and enjoy the tropical climate and watching the (tequila) sunrise. Olé!!!!!

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