The Uptown Hostel

'Around the World' Party Calendar Downtown

Jewish Party, 23rd of September
The Jewish New year is celebrated for 10 days in September and October, and commemorates the anniversary of creation, and of course we at the pig love to celebrate this fact by throwing a party at the Downtown hostel! No traditional Jewish foods guaranteed (Anyone knows how to make Jewish dishes?), but lots of beer and other forms of alcohol available to symbolize abundance and the hope for a sweet year ahead.

India Party, 2nd of October
Who doesn’t know Mahatma Ghandi? The little man from India whose credo was to protest against the English occupation by non-violence is a worldwide legend. He would have celebrated his 137th birthday if it wouldn’t be for the fact that he’s well…dead. Nevertheless his legacy lives on, and what’s better inspiration that like Ghandi we can all be heroes without hatred than with a pint of beer?

Eid Party, 22nd of October
The party at the end of the Ramadan fasting period, or “Eid ul-futr” and observed by Muslims, is one of the biggest celebrations world-wide, and we can’t let this chance pass by to join in on the celebrations. Also known as the candyfest, let’s all enjoy this sweet party at our downtown bar!

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