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Parrots in the Vondelpark

A long, long time ago bush elephants, cave lions and hippo’s ran around in an area where centuries later Amsterdam was founded. Around the year 1000 the pioneers lived among wolves, otters and deer. All those animals disappeared when people built the city of Amsterdam and other (more dirrrty) creatures made their way into town; swifts, pigeons and rats took hold of the city in the middle ages and renaissance.

Now, more than a thousand years later, another beautiful animal seems to have entered the city: green and red parrots are chirping and flying around in the Vondelpark!!!
A few years ago a couple of these “Indian ringnecks” escaped from people’s houses and reproduced in the Vondelpark. Recently they multiplied explosively because of the climate heating up. In wintertime they hibernate in tree holes and in summer they cheer up people in the park. I feel like being in the tropics, though I’m in the centre of Amsterdam!