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Surfers Outlet, Revolutionary surf shop Noordwijk

The StoreSurfers Outlet has an all-year-round sale; surf- skate- and winter sport clothes for discounted and low prices. Besides clothes and accessories from lots of different brands, their self imported surfboards from Durban (South-Africa) are very low-priced as well.

The shop is conveniently located about a three minute walk from the beach, right where you can take surf lessons, organized by Surfers Outlet from May to October. Under supervision of a certified surf instructor, you will be able to master the basics of surfing!

Are you an experienced surfer? Then you can just rent a surfboard at Surfers Outlet and ride the Dutch waves yourself!

For more information, check the website: or give them a call (+31 (0)713610489). See ya there…

surfers Outlet Store