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Noordwijk Surf

Surf in the Netherlands? Are there even waves there? The answer is YES! Noordwijk is a beautiful place to surf!

The best surfable waves are between 1m and 2,5m (3-8ft). Long enough to make a few good tricks!!! We even get tubes once in a while.

September to June you can surf about 2-3 times a week. During winter it’s pretty cold, you’ll need a thick wetsuit with a cap and boots but the waves are great.

In the summertime…when the weather is hot…and you think it’s too busy on the beach you can always go out for a night surf, and enjoy the city lights under the cover of the stars.

Or go for an early-morning ride, clean water surface, smooth waves. The evening is almost the same but you can see the sun set in the sea.

To surf the best waves of the day you’ll have to go into the water 2 hours before high tide.  

Last but not least; in Noordwijk you don’t have to be scared of huge man eating sharks, reefs, rocks or other life-threatening obstacles. Just kilometres of wide golden sandy beaches and a beautiful breaking of the waves!