The Uptown Hostel
Mountainbike the Dutch coastline

Mountainbiking @ The Beach
Dean and Sarah couldn’t resist the challenge and had to ride the mountain bike trail near the Beach Hostel.

Dean: “After hearing how good the mountain bike trail is just north of Noordwijk, we decided to give it a go. It was a sunny Tuesday morning when Sarah and I set off through the pleasant setting of Noordwijk; past the beach, the flower fields and up the bike path through the woods. Just off the main bicycle path we found a little sign of the mountain bike trail. The trail was better than I expected, a narrow little sand trail leading through a small forest area, then into the sand dunes.

After hearing all the time how flat Holland is, we were surprised to find ourselves flying down hills and managing to ride up the other side.

Luckily there were quite a few nice spots to rest for a while and catch our breath. Not that you need to be in great shape to enjoy the ride, you could race through it or do it at your own pace.