The Uptown Hostel

Linda'sNature calls..

It’s a beautiful day. I am in the Vondelpark surrounded by friends, wine, food and music.  As I sit back to have a good look around I realize that she’s here. Every year we are afraid she will forget about us, but she never does. Summer. Every year she arrives quietly to put a spell on the world when nobody is looking. And every time it amazes me how everything changes in her warm embrace.

Girls wear less and less while they parade on the streets giggling with their girlfriends. Guys walk around with a feverish smile and hungry eyes, barely able to hold a conversation with their mates. The streets are full of laughter and flirtations while the nights grow longer and longer. Summer fever we call it. A well known (and loved) condition in seasonal countries. But what’s summer’s secret; how does she do it?  I suspect her of filling her summer breeze with air made up out of lust and longing. It gently plays with our hair as it whispers sweet nothings in our ears. It has the capability to turn friends into lovers, discussions into passion and winter cuddles into sex on the beach.

As I’m sitting there, figuring summer out, I realize how ironic it is that we always tell ourselves that our ability to reason has overcome our animal instincts. We are proud of the way we beat nature in that department. True. If you think of the way we talk about it, how we juggle with male and female roles before we consent to anything, reasoning definitely has the upper hand. The notorious F word is a good example of that. Did you know that the word actually comes from; Fornicate (pardon my French) Under Consent of the King. In the early days you had to receive a license from the king to (royally) reproduce. If you did not have one and consumed anyway, the King would prosecute you for illegal intimacy. This rule however was created to stimulate reproduction rather than to discourage sexual behavior like the Vatican’s reasoned ruling does.

All of a sudden I laugh and glance through my lashes as I toss my hair to the other side. What just happened? Why did I do that? I look again and I find my eyes fixed on a mischievous smile shining in a pair of male eyes. A roar wells up inside as I take in the rest of this creature. As I feel the fever taking over my mind I think to myself: “Reasoning my ass, summer and instinct still rule”. Nature strikes once again!