The Uptown Hostel

City Beaches

What do you do in Amsterdam when the weather is amazing? Visit an airconditioned museum, sit in a dark, smokey coffeeshop or lay in the park... Sure, you could do that, but why not go to the beach?! Amsterdam might not be at the coast, but that doesn’t mean there are no beaches. We even have four of them, all man-made at different waterfronts around town. They even have little beach cafes, where u can grab a bite to eat, drink a cocktail, and sometimes dance at night.
The average tourist rarely knows about them, which makes it even more special to hang out and meet some locals. Each beach has it’s own charm, so read the description below, pick the beach you like, grab a towel and a bottle of wine, ask the receptionist for directions and enjoy the sunshine!   

Amsterdam Plage
This tiny beach is where the hip and trendy people hang out and where they have theatre and movies on the beach. You can’t swim in the sea water (it’s not too clean…) but there’s a swimming pool you can jump in for a refreshing dive. To relax and work on your suntan you can chill out in one of the green beanbags, they also have a faireswheel.

Strand West
This is the newest beach, with an amazing view over the water ‘het IJ’. You can’t go for a swim in it though, there are huge ships passing by.... But instead you can play beach volleyball or go for a ride in the tiny faireswheel, to catch a refreshing breeze and a nice view.

Strand Zuid
This beach is in the park. Sounds weird but it’s great, a real innercity-beach. It’s huge, about 2000 square meters,  and you’ll mainly find families here. There’s lots of stuff for kids to do, and every friday they have a party for the grown-ups ‘thank god it’s Friday’ which is lots of fun (when the weather’s nice). During the day the hammocks are great to doze off.

Here you can actually swim! Therefore it gets really busy with all sorts of people. Families, students, schoolkids and yuppies, all are represented. Luckily the beach is huge, so enough space for everyone. They know how to throw a good party here too, so check their calendar to see what’s happening.