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'Around the World' Party Calendar Uptown

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July the 27th the Uptown bar goes: New Age

Don't be deceived by the name, New Age is nothing new. Originating in the 80's, these deeply spiritual factions preach a heightened approach to health and ecology. In the Uptown bar we're planning to reach these higher levels ourselves while we share the evening with tarot readers, herbal oxygen, and a plethora of other stimulants to help your "trip" to another consciousness.

 August the 1st the Uptown bar goes: Nuts with Tequila!

Few drinks enjoy as distinguished a history and reputation as Tequila. The pride of Mexico was served as the drink of choice for outlaws and banditos, and continues its legacy today as the stimulant of today’s party crowd. So don't be far from the Uptown bar as we salute Jose Cuervo with an evening of Margaritas when we go "nuts with Tequila"!!!!!!!!!!