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Have a go at winning an Olympus digital camera by just entering the competition with your 3 best pictures about The Flying Pigs or Amsterdam or cool parties you’ve been to or any other great backpacking shots !! Be creative!

To give you some inspiration and advice on how to shoot the best shot, we have asked a popular and well known photographer in the hostel scene,  Mr. Geo D. Oliver for some tips..

Let Geo inspire you……..:
“To me, travel photography can be much more than what we are seeing in galleries, magazines & exhibitions.  I have this impression that most photographers out there are chasing the money, rather than the shot.
Last summer in Krakow, I met this photographer who said 2 me that she wasn't all that impressed with her Europe pictures.  Naturally, I asked why & she said that most of the pictures she shot were images you normally see on restaurant walls - you know, the stuff that people buy.  I replied back 2 her that it's the stuff that people buy, because the photographer was 2 lazy 2 shoot something else or something different.
Later on that night, she went into town with a group of backpackers from the hostel & when she returned, she was so anxious 2 show me her shots of the group.  Shots of the group hanging out by the castle walls, watching the sun go down.  Shots of the group in a nearby pub, chatting up with the locals.  Shots of the group goofing off on a makeshift dancefloor, when normally in the pub, nobody dances at all.
Congratulations, I replied.  You are now 1 step closer 2 where you need 2 go.  Just remember a few good things & your photography will start 2 evolve”.

  1. Shoot 4 yourself.  Don't shoot thinking that this is the kind of stuff people want 2 buy.
  2. Know your subject - his or her name, personality & character.
  3. Don't be afraid 2 get close 2 your subject.  Become their friend & not just their on set photographer.
  4. Let your subject know who you are & where you stand.  After a quick story about your own adventures on the road, people are more at ease with being with you.
  5. Don't hide behind your camera, sometimes the best shots are pictures that you are in.
  6. Take notice of your surroundings - empty beer glasses or a piece of trash on the ground can ruin a good picture.
  7. Use props!  Some people look better with their hat or glasses on.
  8. Don't use direct flash, unless you also bring in available light (AV with flash works brilliantly)
  9. Don't always shoot the obvious picture or situation.  The most famous pictures of USA President John F. Kennedy's death was a picture of a musician crying & little John boy saluting his father's caskit.
  10. Think Different!  Sometimes, the best shot happens when you think you're 2 occupied
    2 take your camera.  Just remember, you've already been 2 the best party & you've
    already kissed the best girl/guy.

Good Stuff!
 "if you ever forget the point of travelling, this is a reminder of what it is all about..."
Geo D. Oliver, Alaska
Marketing Director

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