The Uptown Hostel

urban tricking

Have you noticed what the active backpackers amongst us (who love extreme sports) have to carry around?! We always walk around with our backpack, hand luggage, snowboard, surfboard, skateboard….

But from now on we can leave our boards back home; the ‘Extreme Urban Sports’ like Freerunning, Urban Tricking and Le Parkour (PK) have finally reached The Netherlands. If you don’t know what it is, think of the movie ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ or a better example, Madonna’s musicvideo ‘Hung Up’.

The name parkour is a bastardization of the French le parcours d’obstacles, meaning "obstacle course”. The sport is part martial art, part art form, and part metaphor for life; the goal is to navigate urban obstructions in a graceful, and often acrobatic, way. If you come across a fence, you climb over it. If you pass a railing, you swing around it. Even walking backward along a curb could be considered parkour, if it’s executed well. What was once screwing around downtown has evolved into a sport with a distinctive philosophy — the ‘path of the traceur’, or simply ‘The Way.

The Way is the path of silence.
Cut across town quietly at your own speed.
Concentrate on footwork, your touch, your own sensibility.
Look for cat-like silence and you will find the path…
This is the Way.

A good website for more information in general is To learn more about the Dutch freerunners, check out This website is an initiative of the Dutch organization ‘Urban-Style’. They organise jams, meetings, workshops, trainings and know about cool spots in Amsterdam (and other cities), like the ‘Blauwbrug’, the ‘Amstel Station’ and the ‘Nemo’.

But before you hit the ground running, let these things cross your mind: Gear – Work Out – Buddy Up – Start Small And Go Slow – Don’t Be A Punk – Don’t Be An Idiot.