The Uptown Hostel

win a digital camera!
Your own partypictures are always the best! But maybe we agree...
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'Around the World' party Calendar Downtown
This month we're traveling to China for some luck and of course we celebrate the longest day of the summer, in England!
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Party Calendar Downtown
Uptown Party Calendar Uptown party Calendar
In May and June you can become famous in the Uptown bar, dressed up as your super hero or in our karaoke contest! Read more>>

Looking back at Queens-day!
Some adventures of our Piggy staff...Watch!
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  Urban Tricking more than a sport, it's a way of life and a state of mind. Overcoming obstacles and looking for new paths..
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Off the beaten Museum track
Don't want to stand in line for hours to see a Van Gogh? There are other cultural options!
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Kitesurf Heaven Kiteboard Open 2006
Come stay at the Flying Pig Beach to witness the Kiteboard Open 2006!
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Have A Smoke In Leiden
It's not only Amsterdam where the coffeeshops are...
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Coffee shops Leiden

Horses, horses and horses
Noordwijk's beach, a horse and yourself...a thrilling experience!
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Linda's Column - Orange sweet Orange
An orange fever tale; Queensday through foreign eyes
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memories of a pig staff member
Memories of a Pig staff member
Staff parties and biclycles don't mix...