The Uptown Hostel

Horses, horses, and horses! I love them!
by Jackie

horses on the beachThat’s why we came to the Beach, to ride horses.
And we did not get disappointed. Here’s my story:It’s Tuesday morning and it is a really nice day. We had our breaky at the hostel, at the back deck, with our white faces in the morning sun. The lovely girl at the reception just booked us for a horse ride on the beach. We are thrilled, we love horses but we are from a little town in the middle of the country and we have never ridden on the beach. (Until now it was something I had only seen in romantic movies.)

We were ready for our little adventure.
At the stables they already had the horses saddled up, and after an introduction with the horses, the group was ready to go. You cannot rent horses by yourself here but they ride with little groups under supervision of a guide.

I got a beautiful bay horse, she (it was a mare) was very friendly and listened very good to the bridle, and she only needed a gentle hand so that gave me time enough to enjoy the scenic route to the beach. Noordwijk happens to have a massive nature reserve, its all sand dunes and woodlands with many horse tracks. We even saw some deer. We walked our horses mostly and sometimes trotting, so the horses got ready for the Beach. Then? Finally the beach, the horses are as excited as we are, and some of them start to make nervous moves.  Ears go straight up and you can see a naughty twinkle in their eyes, they are up for some action. Also is the guide, as he takes the lead and starts to gallop down the long hill we are on. horsesThat is the sign for all of the horses and we gallop down towards the harder sand near the sea. It’s an exciting ride and some of the horses try to break out of the group. But the guide is very experienced and rides his horse in the flanks and keeps every body in line.

It’s been a while and I feel my legs getting all wobbly but I manage to stay on and ride this one out. We trot and walk a bit trough the shoreline and when we are getting to the end of our ride we go for another gallop over the beach.
It was in one word fantastic and we are very happy we made the effort to go to the beach. It was definitely a highlight of our trip.