The Uptown Hostel

Europe's Famous HostelsSo you've packed your bag and you are ready for adventure. From the colorful
coffee shops in Amsterdam to the snowy mountains in Interlaken, the beers in Belgium to the pasta in Italy - this trip is going to be one to remember. Of course you don’t want your memories to be of bad service and crowded dorms, dirty bathrooms and unfriendly staff. Nothing can make or break your trip to any city like a hostel can. It’s more than just a place to lay your head - a hostel can be as memorable as your first visit to the Coliseum or as disappointing as the inflated drink prices in Venice. Any self-respecting traveler knows to go to the experts - other travelers - to avoid a hostel disaster!
Europe’s Famous Hostels aims to make sure this scenario doesn’t happen to you while staying at one of our hostels:

Besides a quality standard, nice atmosphere in the hostels and great locations, Europe’s Famous Hostels has more to offer:

* use the free EFH phone in each hostel to make a free booking at any of the other EFH hostels- it’s fast, easy and FREE
* the EFH is going to celebrate a lot next year, as 2006 is EFH’s 10th birthday! And we want you to celebrate along with us. So keep an eye out for parties you can join and the prizes you can win!!!
* going from one EFH hostel to another, you will find out that each hostel has his own identity and character, so there is no way you will feel like visiting a chain of hostels. But you will have the advantage of having one flyer or website with all the details of the best hostels in Europe.

WANTED: The Best Hostel in Paris.
What hostel in Paris has made your trip? Is there a hostel in Paris that blew your mind and was your home away from home? Let us know! Send your suggestions to with the subject "Paris Hostel Suggestion." Tell us why the hostel made your stay in Paris a memorable one.