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How to reach Amsterdam on a budget?

All right…after months and months of really hard work, you make a calculation thinking you saved enough money for your Big Trip. But…those freaking airline tickets are so expensive that you have to work at least an extra couple of months before you can go. This was the hard reality fellow backpackers encountered in the past. But then, Thank God, some people got smart. It was Ryan air who started; they had the first notable success with low airline fares. And people copy success. These days there are plenty of providers with low fares. We are very grateful for that! To make it easy for you, we checked out the newest (from-) prices to come to our lovely city Amsterdam from the key-cities of Europe. Good luck with finding the best price for you and remember, the earlier you book, the cheaper it is.
Cya soon…

FROM Barcelona
Vueling: €20.00
Virgin Express: €29.00
Swiss: €51.00
Transavia: € 65.00
Air Berlin: € 69

FROM Berlin
Air Berlin: €19.00
Transavia: € 20.00
Virgin Express: €29.00

FROM Krakow
Swiss: €55.00
Sky Europe: €70.00
FROM London
Ryanair: €1.00 !!!!!!
Transavia: €20.00
Air Berlin: €21.00
Vueling: €30.00
VLM Airlines: €33.00
Easyjet: €36.00

FROM Madrid
Transavia: €30.00
Air Berlin: € 49.00
Virgin Express: €51.00
Swiss from: €51.00

FROM Paris
Thalys: €49.00 (train, with discount card)
Air France: €71.00

FROM Prague
Smart Wings: €17.50
Swiss: €44.00

Ryanair: €0.62 !!!!
Swiss: €29.50
Virgin Express: €51.00
Transavia: € 60

Flights from Ryan-air are to Eindhoven.
A train ticket Eindhoven – Amsterdam costs €16.70 and takes 1h30min. There is also a direct express bus from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam Central Station, which costs € 17,50 for a single ticket and € 30 return. It leaves 30-45 min after arrival at Eindhoven, will take around 90 minutes and will drop you off at the airport 2 hours before flight departure.

Flights from Transavia are to Rotterdam.
A train ticket Rotterdam – Amsterdam costs €12.60 and takes 1h.

Flights from Virgin Express are to Brusselex (Belgium). From several train stations in Brusselex you can take an international train or the Thalys to Amsterdam. The journey will take a little bit less than 3 hours and the price is around €30.