The Uptown Hostel

2006 Uptown Party Calendar
This year the Uptown bar goes...

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....Dead Poets society
During this month (April 2006)countries all over the world celebrate their Poetry history and its various art forms. The Uptown bar will abuse this occasion through a range of events in the 1st week of April. *Discover the poet in you at our Open Mic night …Anything Goes!
*Catch up on your poetry knowledge by wandering the hostel & watching 'Flying Pig:The Movie'.
*Close of this theme week with a beer in hand & a rhyme-time challenge on the go.

.....Harry Potthead
Saturday the 22nd of April you will witness the Uptown bar’s magical transformation (with a wink) into the famous Hogwarts. Dare a bite of the various wizard snacks, have a goblet of the finest liquor with a fellow muggle or share a green smoke with Harry Pothead himself. Sunday the 23rd of April offers you a chance to recover from your wild adventures of the night before. Just relax and be hypnotized by the big screen. We guarantee boredom to mysteriously disappear …

Who does not know our best holiday of the year: Queensday! This year it is celebrated on the 29th of April because the 30th is a Sunday. At the Flying Pig this will not stop us from keeping the party going.
The night of the 28th there is music and partying going on all around the city. The festivities endure till around 22.00 hours the next day after which the Flying Pig Downtown treats you on an after party. On Sunday the 30th of April we will redo all the celebrations at the Uptown bar. On the day it was originally intended to be done! Make sure you bring something orange to wear during the weekend…