The Uptown Hostel

Short talk at the Uptown Bar

Live from behind the bar in the pig, behaving if it is his own night out although having a test genetics tomorrow. This is Peter, the bartender, is going to show you the late night pig atmosphere. This by showing a random conversation with a guest:

Space ExpoCan i get you something to drink?
Yeah a vodka and coke please.

Here you go...
Wow, cheaper today?

Yeah, it is Thirsty Thursday
Oh no, you are not going to make it hard on me are you?

O yes we are...
Having some plans for tomorrow?
Going to meet three girls who I met in Australia somewhere in Holland.

Yeah, but they call me 'aardappelhoofd' (potatohead). You know something to say back to it in Dutch?

Ehhhh.........yeah! Tell them: 'Je mag wel aan me knabbelen'.
You think I can remember that after tonight?

Give it a trie!
Otherwise first trie it at our receptionists before you say something really wrong.
You think they'll like it?

The way you say it, you like them?
F*@# yeah!

(think it's getting late...........)