The Uptown Hostel

looking good!
The Pig is looking good! Our handymen can finally relax...
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'Around the World' party Calendar
In April we travel to the land of sangria and tapas & refuse to leave Amsterdam during Queensday!!!
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Party calendar
Uptown Party Calendar Uptown Party Calendar
In April the Uptown bar goes...Dead Poets society, Harry Potthead and also Dutch/Orange. Read more>>

Hot Spots at the Red Light District
Ok…we promised it, in this eZine the RLD through the eyes of a local with some really useful tips.
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  The best partyplaces in A'dam, summer 2006
Plan your trip; clubs and pubs in Amsterdam are open all the time…but when are the festivals & events in and around Amsterdam you CAN NOT MISS??
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How to reach Amsterdam on a tight (flight) budget?
Trains and busses are not always the cheapest anymore! Fly fast & cheap to Amsterdam...
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Kitesurf Heaven Kitesurf heaven
How can you make huge loops, 30 feet high jumps and cruise over the water with speeds up to 35 knots? Indeed…go kitesurfing! Interested?
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All about Space
Why only traveling on earth? Prepare yourself and visit the Space Expo, to find out more about space travel, the black hole & gravity.
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Linda Linda's Column - Cultural Gab
Read how our columnist Linda becomes a (very surprised) witness to an actual cultural gap with one her best friends.
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Short talk at the Uptown Bar
Live from behind the bar; a random ‘guest – bartender’ conversation…
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