The Uptown Hostel

Tulips, tulips, tulips
tulips at nightYeah… Almost spring again, at the beach we are shaking off our winter dip and getting ready for a new booming season. And what is better than cranking up your mood with some color?

The spring season is besides surfing and partying particularly good for flowers. It is the blooming season of the world famous tulip fields which are coincidentally in the near surroundings of the Beach Hostel. The ‘bollenstreek’ or “bulb area” is an enormous area, sometimes called 'the worlds biggest flower garden' with its highlight the ‘Keukenhof’: The world famous Dutch flower exhibition. tulipsIt so happens The Beach Hostel is the ultimate spot to explore the ‘Bollenstreek’ and its surroundings. The best thing to do is to rent a bike, pack your daypack with goodies and just wonder off into the area. You will find yourself between rainbow colored flower fields and typical Dutch sceneries including historical windmills and maybe some ‘boeren op klompen’ (farmers on wooden clogs).

You will pass the little village Voorhout, where a Dutch painter is still busy with painting his masterpiece ‘Panorama Tulip Land’ . This is a 64 meter long and 4 meter high painting of the ‘bollenstreek’ with millions of flowers painted with the highest details and historical scene. This is definitely worth a visit.

Paddling along you will pass a village called Lisse, which for a lot of you will be the goal of your visit: 'The Keukenhof' . You will be overwhelmed by the amount of different types of tulips and colors, all displayed in a huge park with other historical art and scenery as well. You can find more info on: and or just ask about the tulips at our reception desks.

Easy ways to get there
; From the Beach hostel the Keukenhof is easy to reach by bike or on demand the beach shuttle can drive you up there. If you are staying in Amsterdam and just want to check out the flowers for a couple of hours, you can book a tour at the Uptown or Downtown reception.