The Uptown Hostel

trees for travelPlant a tree with you key
For all the backpackers who stayed in the Pig lately and donated their key deposit of € 1 to ‘Trees for Travel’…


You all accomplished 4000 trees to be planted!!! Such a great score, especially since we only started this project last summer.

For people who haven’t stayed with us (yet): if you decide to donate the deposit of your Flying Pig room key, you support the Dutch non-profit foundation ‘Trees for Travel’.

This organization plants trees to restore rainforest in different parts of the world, which are damaged by the greenhouse gasses caused by so many of us traveling around the world for example.

In total The Flying Pig is responsible for 135 ton of greenhouse gasses a year. To compensate this amount, 6677 trees need to be growing in the tropics.

All the key deposits made it possible to plant 4000 trees already!

We are stoked with these results, because before next summer we have planted more trees within a year then strictly necessary to compensate the use while staying at our hostel. This means we also compensate part of the ‘damage’ we cause being on the way!

To give you an idea, around 62 trees need to be planted to substitute the environmental damage done by a return flight in Europe. But if you travel by touring car, only 1…something to think about!!!

If you would like to read more about Trees for Travel, check out their website