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Queensday 2006

Yeeeehaaaaah the favorite day of us Dutchies!!!!
On Queensday the birth of our beloved Queen Juliana is celebrated, and to the Dutch that’s one of the biggest celebrations in the year! Queen Beatrix, now wearing the crown, decided to keep April 30th as the party date for our Queens’ birthdays. April 30st will be on a Sunday in 2006, day of rest, peace and reflection. Uhm, not very suitable on Queensday, and for that reason celebrations will be on
Saturday April 29th this year!

The royal madness will take of on Queensnight, the 28th of April when orange colored crowds start to take over the city streets. There will be open stages with live music, DJ’s everywhere around and numerous crazy parties organized in bars and clubs all over the Netherlands!

When the night tiptoes into day, Queensday pulls in on the 29th of April. Especially Amsterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht will have huge crowds gathering in streets and parks and cruising through canals in tiny boats! There will be a ‘vrijmarkt’ a market for anyone and everyone to sell their attic crap, old clothes and ‘whatever you can think of stuff’ in the streets: There’s always something there for you! Again, bands and DJ’s will be playing on every street corner blasting their hearts out! At night, parties rave on in the bigger cities’ clubs.

The great celebrations of the Queen’s birthday will not only take place in the bigger cities. Also smaller cities like Noordwijk will have the bars and clubs packed with rocking orange! During the day you can experience a true Dutch Queenie day with a market and a fair.

To come and party with the Dutch, just dress orange, feel orange and make sure you book your bed in time!