The Uptown Hostel

2 ways to experience The Flying Pig...

A story of two people from two different worlds, visiting Amsterdam. One is a young, pretentious girl, the other a constantly stoned guy. He goes to Amsterdam to experience the red light district, coffeeshops and the party scene. She goes to Amsterdam to experience the beautiful Dutch culture, the buildings and the lovely shops. A visit to Amsterdam isn’t complete if you don’t stay at one of the best Hostels of the world; The Flying Pig!

2 totally different experiences in The Flying Pig lead to a very unexpected ending!

Come and see the premiere at the Downtown Hostel on April the 4th. Be welcomed as a VIP guest with champagne and Meet the Stars!

Rookie Entertainment presents in association with The Flying Pig: Flying Pig; The Movie.

Starring: Willem Kerkvliet, Ronald Selter, Robien Hali, Thijs de Heer, Linda Peperkoorn, Hannah Coleman, Graeme Ridsdale Produced by Rookie Entertainment. Editing by Rookie Entertainment: Bas Noordermeer, Allicia Becker, Laura Ris, Helena van Achterberg

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* Interview with the stars

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