The Uptown Hostel

Interview with: Bas -> The Producer
Bas*Did you have to go through a lot of auditions before you found the perfect cast for this movie?
Normally it's extremely difficult to find the right character for the right role. For this movie me and the team only needed 1 audition to complete our cast, unbelievable!

*What was it like to work with young new talent instead of the settled actors you usually work with?
It make it so much easier! I'm used to actors who only want orange M&M's and their own trailer with white flowers. Now we had a lot of fun and the results where exactly what we had in mind.

*How was the experience to produce a movie about one of the most famous hostels in the world?
Compared to hotels like the Hilton, which I’m used to, in the Flying Pig we had a lot more opportunities for the story; we took advantage of it and that was great. In all the things we did, we could feel the Flying Pig is ambitious and famous.

*You have spared no costs with special effects, where there a lot of stunt people involved?

We only needed a stand-inn for the bed-scene, the rest of the actors did the stunts by their selves.

*Where there any major problems that caused you a headache during filming?
Well i got a headache of all the joints and booze the crew used. Haha, no, we had some minor problems with some scenes, but we all worked it out properly.

*Are you satisfied with the result?
I'm VERY satisfied. I know my standard is high, but now we overwhelmed ourselves. Thanks to my teammates, the Flying Pig and the actors!!!