The Uptown Hostel
Pig Movie
>>Watch The Trailer!!!
Flying Pig ; The Movie
Be welcomed as VIP guest in the Pig and watch the premiere of this movie at the Downtown Hostel…
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Trees for Travel
4000 trees planted already!! Our guests rock!!!!!
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Trees for Travel
Party calendar 'Around the World' party Calendar
Come travel the world with us! Each month we reach a different country, to start in: Jamaica, just in time for Bob Marley’s b’day….
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Q-day 2006!
Royal madness in Amsterdam, something you need to experience at least once in your life! 
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Queens day
Beach life
What is The Flying Pig Beach life all about??
Cool underground sounds and open minds, missing breakfast because of your hangover...Read more>>
Tulips, tulips, tulips
Spring is on its way…shake off your winter blues with some color…. Read more>>
Linda Linda's Column
Kindness in the jungle?
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A traveler's mind
What is the sense of traveling …
read Mark Wright’s thoughts about this….. Read more >>>