Rembrandt 400

Of course the Dutch piggies amongst us are proud at our well know Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn! This year Amsterdam and Leiden celebrate his 400th (!!!) anniversary! We as piggies like this a lot, since we are located in Amsterdam and close to Leiden (the Flying Pig Beach).

Some funny facts about this master:
-he only went to University to exempt himself from militia duty and to be able to buy beer and wine without having to pay taxes. Sounds familiar?
-he was as poor as us backpackers (so don’t feel
guilty traveling around instead of working on your
career yet, he ‘made’ it as well…)
-his family owned a mill, inside the city walls!
Can it be more Dutch?!

How to learn about Amsterdam, Leiden and Rembrandt as quick as possible, without loosing time to relax in the Flying Pig? DO 2 THINGS IN ONE!
-you always wanted to see a Dutch windmill? Visit Rembrandt's family mill, discover his roots!
2 Dutch tourist attractions in one!
-Follow Rembrandt’s footsteps; do one of the city tours especially defined for his 400th anniversary, a city tour and Rembrandt excursion in one!
-Visit the famous Amsterdam Rembrandt square! Have a drink  at one of the many cafes and admire a bronze version of  Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’. It is even possible to become part   of this massive sculpture, so bring your camera!
   -perfect for when you are in a lacy mood, but feel the need to take in some culture: get on the ‘Rembrandt Line’, a special Canal Bus line, which takes you to important Rembrandt   locations in the city; hop on and off the boat as often as you  like!

For more information about this anniversary year, check out this web site: